Do you believe that we're getting closer to a cure?

If so, help us spread the word: become a CBCF Ambassador.

Our ambassadors support our mission by getting the message out far and wide that Dr. Larry Norton's ground-breaking research is inspiring hope across the country.

Who can be a CBCF Ambassador?

In short, anyone who believes in our cause and is willing to donate their time and effort to help us get the word out. Here are just some of the ways you can help:

Host an event – Whether it's a cocktail party in your neighborhood, a fundraiser at a local retailer or something of your very own creation, you can host an event to support the foundation's research – we'll provide you with social media support, CBCF-branded giveaways and more.

Do a Facebook Fundraiser – Whether it's your birthday or to honor someone special, we offer several tools that will allow you to set up online fundraisers and get your friends involved to help us raise funds for Dr. Norton's research. You can start here.

Become a social media ambassador – Do you have a personal social media following of over 500 fans on either Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? We'd love to partner with you to share our research efforts, promote our events and spread good vibes.

To learn more about becoming a CBCF Ambassador, please contact us at

Help us bring a message of hope and inspiration that our research is diligently closing in on a cure. Become a CBCF Ambassador today!

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