Want to host an event with Cure Breast Cancer Foundation? Below, we provide a list of fantastic ideas that can be incredibly profitable for your company and provide significant support for Cure Breast Cancer Foundation's fight against breast cancer:

Restaurants: Choose menu items or days per week for which proceeds directly benefit Cure Breast Cancer Foundation. You may also choose to hold a fundraising dinner to benefit breast cancer research with CBCF.

Fashion/Retail: Charge admission and/or hold an event sale or auction with proceeds benefiting CBCF. Or, host a fashion show. Show off the latest trends and your favorite styles all while benefitting breast cancer research.

Sports and Entertainment: Contribute a percentage of ticket sales from games, plays, movies, concerts, or other live performances.

Fitness classes/competitions: Dedicate a class or host a competition at your gym or fitness studio to help raise money for CBCF. Give donors the opportunity to compete and show their support in a tournament that includes an entrance fee, prizes, and refreshments.

Schools: Host a dance-a-thon, bake sale, or Bingo night at your son or daughter's school and donate the proceeds to CBCF.

The possibilities for hosting an event for breast cancer research are limitless, and CBCF would love to work with you to bring your ideas to fruition. Please contact us at to get your event started.

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